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Top 10 BDSM Books for Novices: A Guide to the Best Reads for Entering the Kink Scene

Welcome, curious soul, to the thrilling and transformative world of BDSM and kink! Whether you’ve recently discovered a spark of interest or are ready to dive headfirst into the deep, alluring waters of this vibrant community, knowledge is your most potent tool. Imagine stepping into a realm where boundaries are redefined, trust is paramount, and […]

Fisting 101

This serves as a basic introduction to fisting, providing guidelines on how to engage in it and emphasizing important safety precautions. What is “fisting”? Most people are familiar with the concept of finger penetration for pleasure, whether in the anus or vagina. It can be incredibly enjoyable to stimulate someone internally with fingers. However, fewer […]

Female Sounding 101

Female sounding and female urethral stimulation is a somewhat unknown activity. While urethral play, in general, is not something general population knows a lot about, it is undeniable that male urethral stimulation is more known, and has more information readily available across the web. That is because the male urethra is longer and wider, and […]