My Kinky Counselor

Discover Your True Self: A Journey Within

In the intricate dance of life and relationships, there comes a time when we must pause, breathe, and turn our gaze inward. As a kinkster navigating the complex and beautiful dynamics of our world, understanding oneself is not just a luxury; it is a necessity. Welcome to “Discover Your True Self: A Journey Within.” My […]

Piglet Training (part 2)

Welcome back to the second installment of our comprehensive guide on Piglet Training within the BDSM lifestyle. As an expert in BDSM slave training, I have dedicated my practice to helping dominants and submissives explore the depths of their desires, pushing boundaries safely, consensually, and with mutual respect. In this series, we delve deeper into […]

Top 10 BDSM Books for Novices: A Guide to the Best Reads for Entering the Kink Scene

Welcome, curious soul, to the thrilling and transformative world of BDSM and kink! Whether you’ve recently discovered a spark of interest or are ready to dive headfirst into the deep, alluring waters of this vibrant community, knowledge is your most potent tool. Imagine stepping into a realm where boundaries are redefined, trust is paramount, and […]

Piglet Training Routine (part 1)

The following weekly routine is created specifically to train someone as a human pig and is written focusing only on the submissive’s mentality and training. Certain aspects are implied for Dominants. Feel free to adjust to your wishes. From now on submissive doesn’t have a voice, especially when addressing people from the scene, submissive can […]

Exploring New Approaches to Consensual Non-Consent Dynamics in BDSM

Introduction Consensual Non-Consent (CNC) is one of the most complex and psychologically intense dynamics within the BDSM community. It involves pre-negotiated scenarios where one partner consents to activities that simulate non-consent. While these dynamics can be deeply fulfilling for those involved, they require a high degree of trust, communication, and preparation to ensure safety and […]

Exploring the Psychological Implications for First-Time Submissives in BDSM

The act of submission in BDSM can be perceived as relinquishing control, which is contrary to many societal norms that emphasize the importance of self-autonomy and agency. For some people, however, adopting the submissive role offers a counterintuitive but potent sense of liberation. By handing over power and decision-making within the consensual and defined framework […]

The Psychological Landscape of Humiliation and Degradation in BDSM for Submissives

The world of BDSM is as diverse as it is complex, encompassing a vast spectrum of practices and dynamics. One such dynamic centers around erotic humiliation and degradation, a controversial yet intriguing facet of BDSM. Understanding the psychological implications of such practices on submissives requires a deep and empathetic exploration of the intimate realm of […]

The Importance of Aftercare in BDSM: Nurturing the Submissive’s Well-being

BDSM practices often involve intense physical and emotional exchanges, which can leave the submissive — those who give up control — in a state of physical exhaustion and emotional vulnerability. To help navigate this vulnerability and ensure the overall well-being of all participants, the concept of aftercare has been established within the BDSM community. Understanding […]

The Importance of Keeping a BDSM Checklist

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced practitioner, navigating the vast world of BDSM can be both exciting and overwhelming. A BDSM checklist serves as an invaluable tool in this journey, providing a structured way to document your preferences, limits, and experiences. Creating and maintaining a BDSM checklist is more than just an organizational task, […]